Selasa, 11 Juli 2017


Donald Trump doesn't recognize Lee Hsien Loong, thinks he were Joko Widodo.

Trump : "So, how's Indonesia?"
Lee : "Indonesia is okay I guess."
Trump : "Good, I want to invest in Indonesia."
Lee : "Uhh... okay. How about Singapore?"
Trump : "I think our talks should focus in Indonesia, not other countries."
Lee : "Well..."
Trump : "Indonesia is good, right?"
Lee : "Well, I cannot confirm but I guess so."
Trump : "You are so sensible. Tell me more about your country!"
Lee : "My country? Our country has a mature economy, solid infrastructure, openness towards investors, no protectionism policy, and it is now among the highest GDP per capita on this planet."

(Trump calls Mnuchin)
Trump : "Steve, listen! I just realized this huge country called Indonezzia is amazing. Let's triple our investment to Indonesia."

And that's how Indonesia got investment from United States, thanks to the diplomatic skills of Lee Hsien Loong.

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